Monday, March 19, 2007

Last Day in Bs As

It is St Patty´s Day in Bs As--other places too I guess.

We decide to do some shopping and see a few things we missed.

We hit Calle Florida. It is an pedestrian access street with tons of shops and street vendors. We lunched at a chain cafe called Aroma--where we both fell in love with the guy making our food. The Argentine´s are gorgeous and I was falling in love every other minute--Phil was a little more discriminate. It must be the missing of the races back in the day--Italians with Spaniards with natives. For whatever reason, they are stunning.

I bought some CDs--Alejandro Sanz, Reik, and Chambao--for about 28 bucks. Phil was on the lookout for jeans. He finally found some he liked, but the sizes were weird and they didn´t have them all. He did get a good pair of the highest style brand for about 65 USD.

After lots of shopping, we hit the Plaza de Mayo. Here is where the Casa Rosada is located--which is where the president works but not lives. It also has the Evita balcony. There are a bunch of other important buildings here too. It was like 80 degrees, so we hung out in the sun for a bit watching some kids play soccer.

After that we visited the important Jesuit place called Manzana de las luces.

Gotta run. Tell you more soon.

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DC Jeff said...

Great writing Mike! I am glad you guys are ahving a good time. 4 more days until ITALIA!