Sunday, March 18, 2007

Segunda Dia en Buenos Aires

After waking up and having a light breakfast of fruit and a medialuna (halfmoon=croissant), we were whisked away for a morning of tour bus shenanigans. Our tour guide Romita was great except her English wasn´t so hot. I think Phil had an easier time understanding her in Spanish than in English.

First we drove the area of Recoleta which is essentially where our hotel is located. In Recoleta there is a park that was the focus of our tour. Some bust of a really brawny man is located there, as well as a really huge metal flower that opens duing the day and closes at night. It was definitely cooler than a big stationary bean.

Further up ht etrip was Palermo barrio. Palermo is the largest barrio and is broken down further into about 5 areas.

Gotta run. Will write more later.

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