Sunday, September 30, 2007

Burgers and Ketchup--why would you think those go together?

So last night Ry and I walked down (or up depending on your preference) Sunset Blvd.

We were starving and decided on this cool, trendy little joint called Ketchup--which Ry thought was known for having really cool burgers. We read the menu outside and decided it indeed had yummy burgers. So we went in and had to sent in the bar/lounge because we didn't have reservations. It was super awesome. White leather couches, really cool lighting, second floor window seats overlooking Sunset. Hip red and white interior.

The scantily dressed server finally brought us menus--we honestly sat doubting our self-worth as diners for 10 minutes. Where we cool enough to dine at KETCHUP? Did we have the right haircuts? Shoes? Jeans? Teeth? We peruse the menus and decide that the burgers we saw downstairs on the menu are missing. We ask the server and she says " We don't serve burgers. Everyone always thinks that is weird since we are called Ketchup." Hmmm... or maybe because they read the menu downstairs? Could be that too. Just saying.

Ry and I dined on delicous apps decided we might be crazy. Had some amazing drinks made from a new Acai liquor that was seriously serving up some heaven in a bottle.

On the way out, guess what we saw? BURGERS! At least on the menu at the door. Our server was crazy.

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Ry said...

I really thought we migh thave shared the same waking dream bout a menu with burgers.... Turns out, the menus are just a smidge confusing.