Sunday, September 30, 2007


So, I took a short holiday from my early morning muffin baking in the Silicon Valley to head down to the Valley of Silicone. I am here in LA visiting my friend, Ry, in her WeHO abode.

LA is lovely. I forgot how much I loved being in awesome weather with beautiful people who were amazing jeans!

I love when you remember things about yourself and relationships that are essentially quintessential to the essence of yourself or that relationship. For example, I forgot how much fun Ry and I have doing completely random things--like sit outside the Chateau Marmont and chat about everything and nothing.

Today we had an amazing lunch at Pizzeria Mozza--Mario Batali's cool little pizza/wine bar. After that we shipped off the Fred Segal to see the big 50% off sale--which was less than overwhelming. Although, we did see Jeremy Piven--whom is the biggest star we have seen thus far. Ry has this amazing capacity for picking out the most obscure actors from obscure rolls in movies I actually do remember.

Maybe tomorrow we will see a big celeb--at the book fair.

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