Thursday, September 18, 2008

Determination and Veggie Burgers

So I last night I started making a pretty involved veggie burger. Now, there are easy veggie burgers that are simple and clean. There are store-bought veggie burgers that are disgusting and full of chemicals. And then there are the type of veggie burgers I like--lots of delish veg, seasonings, and flavor.

Last night, I started making one out of black beans, sweet potatoes, Incan Red Quinoa, some Chilean spice (Mapuche--soooo delish and smoky and spicy), and lots of other sauteed veg. So, I had NONE of this ready to go. So I started with the quinoa (my favorite varietal). Then worked on the sweet potatoes by boiling them--quick, but not as sweet tasting. Then the beans and veg. I got all that done and decided to refrigerate overnight.

Now, I am looking at a bowl of mix--which needs some bread crumbs. I have these really delish ones made from actual whole grains. Mix that together. Coat with some cornmeal. Perfection.

Okay. I just spell checked this. This thing didn't recognize Incan or Quinoa. What????!?!

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